Student Membership

Students must compete in the GW Law journal competition in order to apply for membership with the International Law in Domestic Courts Journal. ILDC will consider overall grades, legal research and writing grades, writing competition score, your resume, and a statement of interest.  Although the specific weight given to each of these factors will be determined by the incoming editorial board, in past years editors have relied heavily on the statement of interest in selecting new members.  Demonstration of a strong interest in international law may also be considered in membership selection. A candidate’s ranking of ILDC will also be considered.

Benefits of Membership

In addition to a description of what we do on our About Us page, check out these other reasons to rank International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC) highly:

  • GW is the only law school in the country that has a contract with Oxford University Press and reports on US court cases that discuss issues of international law;
  • Every ILDC member is guaranteed to have their headnotes published by Oxford University Press (headnotes are short case summaries that include original analysis by the author);
  • ILDC members can write about the areas of public international law that they find most interesting;
  • Some members of the E-Board travel abroad for training/writing opportunities;
  • ILDC is the only self-funded journal; therefore, ILDC is able to send all interested 2L students to conferences on international law to cultivate their interests and knowledge;
  • ILDC is the smallest journal on campus and all members have close working relationships with the E-Board and faculty advisor; and
  • The substantive work ILDC members do helps them develop concise writing and strong analytical skills transferable to any area of law.

Become a Rapporteur

Are you a foreign LLM student who is very familiar with your native jurisdiction’s domestic courts system? We are recruiting knowledgeable students with strong English writing skills to draft headnotes to be published in Oxford University Press’ Oxford Reports on International Law database.  Each headnote will describe and analyze a domestic case that featured a discussion of or decision regarding international law that has significant impact domestically and internationally. Rapporteurs receive a small payment for each contribution.

If interested, please contact ILDC at