About ILDC

International Law in Domestic Courts, founded in 2007 by Oxford University Press, provides commentary on domestic judicial decisions involving international law issues from around the world. Rapporteurs identify and propose the cases, then write scholarly commentaries (akin to case notes) on the cases accepted for inclusion in the database. GW Law is the exclusive rapporteur for the United States, joining more than 70 rapporteurs from other countries. ILDC includes cases concerning international business law, family law, privileges and immunities, treaty law, environmental law, criminal law, foreign investment, human rights, humanitarian law, and all other subject areas of international law.

Oxford Reports on International Law brings together decisions on public international law from international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals. It makes the full scope of international case law available in one place, accompanied by expert analysis. New cases are added daily, making Oxford Reports on International Law the most up-to-date source of international case law available.

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Please contact ILDC at ILDC@law.gwu.edu with all inquiries.

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